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My Passion - Beaded Jewelry Designs

Swarovski Beaded Jet and a Crystal Vintage Pendant
Vintage Crystal Pendant Neclace

I have a passion for beaded jewelry designs
I'm ready to fall in love again with magical reflections of flirtatious visions of the past, present and now the future.  Beaded Jewelry Designs rock.  It's time for all those elusive designers to shift into fashion, lure themselves to go the distance and put on their best design hats and come up with a collection of artfully executed designs.  Strong, but edgy, full of fashion know-how creating prescient, insightful collections - an effervescent mix of hard wired attitude.
Designers need to send a strong, bold directional message in a devitalized economy.  An evocative message of fashion artistry and informal savvy.  Shopping won't be an exhilarating experience if we aren't offered captivating mesmerizing, beaded jewelry designs to purchase.

Design philosophies are a mixed bag. My personal philosophy is Beads rule - style reigns -  which includes a keen appreciation for a love of simple uncluttered lines.  Patterns and textures are the magical reflections of my fashion profile.  Having said that, beaded jewelry designs are a personal statement - fashion artistry is about being your own person and that means imprinting your very own style.  With that comes a sense of confidence about who you are and how you present yourself.  What a great feeling, almost beguiling.  Believe in your style!

The fashion talk on the runways is about uncluttered lines, with a smattering of patterns and textures, with color playing an important role.  Using this as your base design, layering beaded jewelry designs to that fashion profile becomes easy.  So shift into fashion mojo and add a statement piece - it will set the theme of your ultimate look - it will imprint your style and make you an unstoppable star.

Keep your eyes open for organic shapes and forms - they are inspiring.  Beaded jewelry designs with a sense of the past or with actual vintage beads or elements are equally enviable.  Designs from the present, past and future are all fascinating, reminiscent, farsighted and intuitive - are you ready for it?


Asymmetrical Semi Precious Beaded Jewelry Design Bracelet